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Five-year-old Abbi Driggers of Rembert was going to ride to town with her grandmother. “We had been letting her ride in the back seat with a regular adult seat belt,” remembers her mother, Donna Driggers. “They had only been gone 20 minutes when the phone rang.”

Two deer had run across the road and Abbi’s grandmother swerved to the right. Their car hit an oak tree at about 50 miles per hour. The lap belt completely severed Abbi’s spinal cord and nearly cut her body in half. Abbi was rushed to Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital, where a highly skilled pediatric surgery team saved her life.

Today, Abbi depends on a wheelchair for mobility. The Driggers family shares their story to emphasize the importance of proper restraints for children riding in automobiles. “It just horrifies me that too many parents don’t realize that this could happen,” says Donna Driggers. “It only takes seconds for a child’s life to change forever.”